I don't care if he was white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern or any other ethnic group; murder is murder no matter how many other fancy terms you put in front of that word which adds emphasis or polarization to it. Referring white on black or black on white crimes as "hate crimes" only serves to accentuate the racial differences between people; and frankly I for one am tired of that phrase being used. That police officer is a murderer, plane and simple and deserves to be jailed just like any other murderer. He should not receive an ounce of sympathy or special treatment simply because of his status as an "officer of the law" because he completely failed to live up to the standards his office has entrusted him with. This jerk did nothing but degrade public trust in the law. This country needs to hold its officials accountable and there should be ZERO tolerance for corruption and that applies to Washington politics as well.